Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wayne Shorter

Last Friday Judi and I attended a concert from Arts High alum, Wayne Shorter at the Philadelphia Art Museum. It would have been difficult for there to have been a worse venue. People were talking, eating, and drinking while his quartet performed. The acoustics weren't very good. I needed stand the whole time after working on my feet for eight hours.

Despite all of this I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really don't know how to describe his music other than to say that Wayne Shorter is a force in and of himself. He is the definition of originality and makes the music happen.

I also happen to watch the American Idol. Don't laugh. I mention this because the judges on the American Idol are critical of performers who lack originality. They do this because they want singers to be commercially successful.

Wayne Shorter is genuinely original but will never make the money of Beyonce or U2. However, musically he is unsurpassed. With all the problems in the world, it is comforting to me that someone can blow the saxophone exactly the way he wants and light up the lives of people who listen to him. We need to make this a world that can nurture more people like Wayne Shorter.